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We Are All Kings

I was thrilled to meet Chris at the recent MRUshift conference (@chrisbrogan), and yes, it was his first time in Calgary. There are a few things that I learned about him. Chris is the owner of Human Business Works which helps organizations use technology and media to leverage customer aquisition. Chris loves music. Chris is really smart. Chris is very influential in the marketing landscape (call me captain obvious). The following is my summary of Brogan’s thoughtful presentation at MRUshift.

größere brust durch hormone You Are All Kings (and Queens)

- When you think of a king, the first thing that often comes to mind is respect. In the social media space, you should work on building respect. Not your Klout score
- Remembering a persons name is so important
- One of the main human desires is to feel wanted. A way to do that is to make people feel like they’ve been heard. People are looking for acknowledgement
- Never say “you guys” when addressing a group – it should always be YOU. Communicate to one person in the group because we relate better that way. When you talk to the masses, there’s nobody in the crowd. As soon as people start to feel like a nobody, relationships deteriorate
- Does your bank know you by name or treat you like a nobody? If they know you by name, don’t ever leave them

Stifte Erweiterung Chirurgie Difference Between Audience and Community

- The difference is in the way the chairs face
- The least interesting person in the room is me. The stage is just a privilege to showcase the community. You (yes, you) are the most interesting person in this conversation
- There are two kinds of people going to these types of events
1. Those who see and are part of the secret society
2. Those who take notes on everything happening around them

wie einen wirklich großen Penis zu bekommen Want To Be A Marketer?

- Learn about the marketplace, become a student of it and learn everything you can about it
- When you become a student of the marketplace, you can create your own game of how to interact in it
- You don’t have to play the game of marketing that you learned in school. What you learned then is 8 years old

vergrößern dick Get A Flag, Not A Bumper Sticker

- Build something awesome that will gather people around you. Plant a flag
- There are lots of clever people on Twitter, but lots of these clever people are living in their moms basement
- Do something with purpose that will draw people to you because they want to start a movement

natürliche bruststraffung Kings Versus Kingdoms

- You want people to love the kingdom, not the king
- Kings come and go, but kingdoms remain
- The best money I ever made was when people thought an idea was theirs
- If you profit from being the king but nobody knows your name, do you really care?

Get Plural

- It’s about communities not community
- It’s never yours. You can’t own it. The community is a privilege to serve
- Love your communities, participate with them and learn about sharing and listening (learn more about creating and managing a community here)
- Pay attention to the people around you. The rising tide floats all boats
- Don’t focus on accolades, focus instead on results

For the Objection Social Media Is Bullshit

- A common question is “who cares about people talking online all day?”
- Did anyone ever ask Hemingway what kind of paper he wrote his books on? How about the type of pencil or typewriter he used?
- There is no fast way to be successful at this. There is no accurate formula. Doing the work is hard
- I (Chris) don’t want your money, I want your heart and your mind – If I can get that, it’s far more powerful
- The most opportunities I’ve (Chris) ever had have come from random serendipitous events and doing the work ahead of time
- Fall in love with your marketplace and turn it into a community
- Promote everyone but yourself. Find out what makes them awesome and tell others about it. Credit others for their ideas and help them implement their ideas without expectation for return

Copy Graffitti?

- If you are going to the trouble to spray paint graffiti on a wall and could be arrested for it, why wouldn’t you at least put up your own art?
- You’ve got the spray can, make your own graffiti. Don’t copy Banksy
- How do you think you’ll gain market share by copying pre-existing brands?
- Nobody will remember you if you co-brand on somebody else’s stuff. Be unique
- Start by mastering the language of your marketplace. You can build a lot of trust and equity just by speaking the same language

The Most Important Advice Chris Ever Gave

- I (Chris) make more and more and more success and money, the more me I become. The more me I am, the less I pretend to be who others think I should be and the more magical and cool stuff happens…Stop doing things you don’t want to do
- You are all kings. There is an opportunity now to do something so much bigger than Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Create something interesting

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