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  • After months of sailing Cortez & his crew finally arrived in the new world.  His crew asked “how long are we going to stay here for?”.  Cortez waited for everything to be unloaded from the ships…then burned them
  • How do we get forward moving today?
  • CTRL, ALT, DEL – time to reboot
  • -50% people who clicked on banners since 2007 (comscore)
  • under 8% of online users click through.  There are over 2 billion online users
  • this is not a talk about the future.  its about the present.  we are living in the future ie. snaptellred laser, google goggles, yelp  
  • video is king
  • media is becoming untethered ie. iPAD
  • the question is not when is the web going to take over traditional media, the question should be WHEN IS THE INTERNET GOING TO BE AS PERVASIVE AS ELECTRICITY?
  • Apple sold 2,000,000 iPADS in 60 days
  • we live in the most branded generation ever
  • there are more grandparents on facebook than high school students (readwriteweb – July 7,2009)
  • 88% of canadians are on facebook
  • Eckhart Walther from Yahoo! says “it’s about doing, sharing, socializing, collaborating & most of all, creating”
  • Facebook is like your very own “channel” (Think in terms of CBC, NBC, CNN…it is scaleable)
  • 81% of online holiday shoppers read online customer reviews (neilson online – Dec 2008)
  • Bazaarvoice proves that if you let people open up, you will win.  They have 150 billion impression reviews.  The average review is 4.3/5.  A negative review converts to sale more effectively than a positive review
  • with the internet, people are having real conversations between real people
  • these conversations are important because they are distributable and scaleable
  • the internet isn’t about the number of people you can get your message to, but who sees it
  • same with Facebook.  It’s not the number of ‘friends’ you have but WHO your friends are that matters
  • mass media helps but you need permission for entry.  online allows communication with no barrier to entry
  • 1/2 of’s audience is over 34 (marketingvox)
  • the average Canadian watches 15+ hours of youtube video per week.  The average TV commercial is 30 seconds.  The average youtube video is 4 minutes
  • Top 3 search engines? 1. Google 2. Youtube 3. Twitter
  • Every day on Google, 20% of the searches have never been done before.
  • your marketing has to change because of how we connect with one another
  • BUT, if your IT consultant says to cancel all your advertising and move everything online…fire him
  • the biggest change in this new world is amplification.  Consumers have always had the ability to choose to buy or not and tell their friends if they liked a product or service or not.  The word of mouth is now amplified
  • Your brand is no longer what you say it is.  It’s what Google says it is.
  • Bounce Rates are important metrics to measure your website ‘stickyness’  if the bounce rate is really fast it’s “i came, I puked, I left”
  • identify the pages on your site that have the most traffic and evaluate how the user interface is
  • the best value of a brand is in its community
  • Digital Darwinism ‘we were on facebook & twitter, but it doesn’t work’.  The problem is because you’re not engaging.  What are you doing to add value? 
  • you need to build a community before you launch a product

uomo cerca donna Bergamo how to manage in this new world?
1. accept it
2. it goes with.  not instead of traditional media
3. dont write cheques with digital media you cant cash.  it’s about honesty
4. open up. let the community share, create
5. attitude, not age related
6. Ask Why? not what.  It’s not what are we doing, it’s why is this better alighned with our business objectives

  • if you have the right message, and you tell the right people, your story will spread….check this free hugs video out,  over 59 million views and counting

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