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brustvergrößerung wie teuer

wie man meine Pfennige größer machen I had a great conversation prior to this event with Emma from that you may find interesting.

  • Alterian – free social media monitoring tool
  • Radian 6 – world leading social media monitoring paid tool
  • 360 Degree Feedback – can be used for everything from performance evaluation to product development

wie man dick größer und länger Francois Gossieaux – Co-Author

Wie u ur dick größer machen Here is a copy of the slidedeck on Slideshare

wie dein Penis länger Human 1.0 – Remember.  We’re People.

  • SAP – created a point incentive system to reward contributors.  When the reward system included points to be used for small personal gains, they got bullying in the community.  When they switched to an reward plan that donated to a cause if the community reached a collaborative point threshold, the bullying stopped.
  • When people are rewarded with personal gains, it activates the pleasure part of the brain.  the same centre that is activated by heroin.
  • When people are rewarded with global benefits, it activates the altruistic region in the brain.
  • Human 1.0, not web 2.0
  • Reciprocity = reflex
  • we do not learn this, it’s innate.  Reciprocity allow us to be social beings without being related
  • people are hardwired to help others
  • humans have an innate sense of fairness which keeps the reciporical society working
  • if you treat people unfairly, you’ll find people go out of their way to treat you the same.  Conversely, if you treat people well, you’ll find people will treat you the same.
  • We evaluate choices from one of two frameworks 1. Social 2. Market
  • Always try to leverage social frameworks, they’re more powerful
  • If you’re looking for innovation in business, look to people who are in your social frameworks.  They’re passionate.  they’re the most engaged.  They don’t profit from their social contract with you.

Why do we want to look the same?

  • humans have mirror neurons and we don’t like to be diverse.
  • be cautious of market research.  most people will just tell you what you want to hear

Why is status so important?

  • Status used to get us better food and mates
  • but it also gives us the ability to hoard status and power
  • in any organization, it’s important to refresh leadership so that new visitors/staff feel like there is a place to come back and room to grow into

Why is there no big business in the long tail?

  • we are self herders.  once we commit to a product, we stick with it….unless the company screws up.

Traits of Hyper-social Organizations

  1. Think Tribe
    • not segments
    • it’s not about personal characteristics so much as it is about who you want to hang out with.
    • Walmart isn’t successful in social media in part because they have targeted a segment of “frugal moms”.  The trouble with this is that frugal moms belong to more than one tribe who happen to like good deals.  not all frugal moms like to hang with other frugal moms.
    • find people that want to hang out with one another
  2. Think Knowledge Network
    • rather than information channel
    • most importantly be a part of the conversation.  Conversation happens between networks of people not between companies and people
    • try to use social media to a seat at the table, not just to push your message.
    • Companies got into the bad habit of non-reciporical activities
    • ie. IBM has 400,000 employees.  All are encouraged to use any social media tool they like.  to connect with anyone they like and to have any conversation they like in hopes that they can get a seat at the business table when that conversation comes up.   (marc’s note: think about playing golf with clients.  how boring is it when all you talk about is business?)
  3. Think Human-Centric
    • humans should be at the centre of what you do, it’s not about the company
    • check out the Fiskateers, they delivered real business results for the company by being themselves and not pushing a corporate message
    • align your internal tribes with external ones
  4. Think Emergent Messiness
    • not hierarchal fixed processes
    • look at all the responses & comments about your company.  Treat good and bad with equal repsect.   Address all of them even if it doesn’t fit your community goals
    • Successful social companies get help from people who’s job isn’t to help with that issue

Why is this important?

  • because successful social companies have more passion and more word of mouth buzz

9 Ways to think differently about your business

  1. Get rid of your firewalls
    • let people talk.  humanize your company.  Let any staff member who wants to speak to customers do so.  (marc’s note – they’re already doing it anyway)
    • this will increase your knowledge flow and your competitiveness
  2. Don’t build new walls
    • embrace it.  bring in the tools that people want to use
  3. Tear down Silos
    • what are your business goasl?  Most often sales falls under the marketing umbrella.  Understand that everyone with a connection to a customer is involved and affects your business
    • get commitment from multiple people to engage customers from multiple departments
    • Establish a centre for excellence
  4. Fix the Great divide
    • between the marketing department and customer support
    • you’re only as good as your last transaction
    • build values and LIVE by those values in order to improve the customer touch points
  5. Don’t build what you’ve already built before
    • the marketing funnel is dead.  Its a social circle
    • see McKinsey Quarterly “new consumer journey
  6. Make sure the CIO & CMO are talking
  7. Think Culture
    • it’s not just about the technology
    • if its not ok for your staff to share ideas with clients directly than you wont get adoption of the new technology tools
    • evaluate you’re corporate culture
  8. Become the Customer Advocate
    • work on behalf of the customer, rather than the company
  9. Trust is the new currency
    • How can customer trust you if you don’t trust your employees.
    • create a system of trust.
    • Empower your employees to do the right thing.
    • There is a risk of staff abusing their trust, but you can deal with it.   The benefits of this business model outweigh the risk of not adopting this model

Q&A – I couldn’t hear most of the questions, but here are the answers

A1. Yes, there are numerous risks, but you can manage them.  Have policies that encourage rather than discourage engagement

A2. There are too many risks to bother trying to create rules for.  Successful social companies educate people to become “risk intelligent”  Educate your staff about the risks to the company and to themselves

A3. There is still time to adopt social strategies now to gain a competitive advantage for later.  If you can mobilize a tribes now, it will benefit your business later.   Social Media is a game changer.

A4. Small companies have an advantage over large ones in the social media world because there isn’t an obstacle of cost.   Small companies have the same resources available to them as large companies, but small companies can make decisions faster, are more responsive to market trends and can therefore move quicker.

A5. What if you don’t have anything to say?  it’s not about you.  Think about your customer.  Do they have anything to say that you can help them with?  How can you bring value to their tribe?


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